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What is GIVICI’s theology?

Our theology is quite simple:

  • God is the Creator of heaven and earth.
  • Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the redeemer of humanity.
  • Every person is a sinner and needs redemption through Jesus.
  • By believing in Jesus, you receive the Holy Spirit, who dwells in you.
  • The Holy Spirit gives you the spiritual gifts with which you can build up the fellowship of Christians.
  • As a Christian, you are a part of a church, a community of Christians with whom you share your life.
  • The Bible is God's Word and the foundation of your Christian life.
  • God wants all people to become His children and followers. This is why we see it as our duty to announce the Good News at all times.
  • Love God and love your neighbor as yourself

We affirm the historical creeds of the Protestant tradition.

Is a house church enough for a Christian? Isn’t there something missing?

In Acts 2:42 it is written how the first churches worshipped together:
They remained constant in the teaching of the apostles and in fellowship and in breaking bread and in prayer.
They were all house churches! Therefore, church requires the following practices: teaching (preaching), fellowship, prayer, and the Lord’s Supper.

Can I get pastoral care at GIVCI?

Yes. Here you can ask your house church leader or the head office. Here we have trained pastors, who can accompany you also over telephone or Skype.

Can I be baptized at GIVICI?

Yes! Contact your house church leader, or the GICIVI office:

How do I find a GIVICI home church?

You can check our house church map to see if there is a house church near you. Or you write to our head office and ask directly:

What are your advantages if you belong to GIVICI?
  • You have a church at your place.
  • You have a spiritual family to share your life with.
  • You have sermons that you can listen to at any time and that help you in all important areas of life.
  • The GIVICI House Church does not fill you up with appointments, but gives you the opportunity once a week to recharge your batteries spiritually and emotionally and to meet friends.
  • Less yada yada, less anonymous, less unworldly!
Who manages GIVICI?

In the GIVICI headquarters we have a management team. Right now they are:

  1. Jeremia Zimmerer for the house churches
  2. Lisa Stowasser for the Video and Design Department
  3. Diana Blechert-Buchner for the Marketing Department
  4. Inga Haase Ministry Leader
Are there also general meetings at GIVICI?

Yes, to the LETRA for the house church leaders and then a GIVICI summer camp. In addition, house churches in a region conduct festive services together (Christmas, Easter, etc.).

How to found a house church?

It is best to do our gift test first, so that you and we can assess your strengths. Then we will contact you and discuss everything else with you! You will then also get a coach who will show you the first steps, provide you with the necessary materials and contract documents and support you completely in the first services and continue to be at your side afterwards. Have a look at the pages of our already existing house churches and let yourself be inspired!

Purely organizational:
You find an employee or put together a small team. Think about a basic plan: How do you want to organize the house church? Where and when should your meetings take place? Who are you trying to reach? Our house churches should not be a small closed private club, but we want to inspire people of Jesus Christ!

How can I work with GIVICI?

You can get involved in the house church as well as in the headquarters:

Tasks in the house church:

  • Lead
  • Serve the Lord's Supper
  • Hospitality
  • Cooking
  • Pastoral care for participants
  • Social media
  • Plan actions
  • Publicity
  • Worship and Music
  • Prayer service
  • Home visits
  • Children's service

Central Office

  • Video shooting
  • Video editing
  • Social media
  • Marketing
  • Event management
  • Pastoral care
  • Organization
  • Office help
  • House church care

If you would like to support us, please contact us at