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GIVICI means Global Video Church
Church for everyone. At any time. Everywhere.

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What is GIVICI?

GIVICI means "Global Video Church". GIVICI is a church for everyone, anytime, anywhere. Every week, GIVICI offers you a video sermon that you can watch on our youth, children and adult channels on YouTube. The videos help you to grow in faith in God and to live a fulfilled life together with Him.

You can also visit a GIVICI house church, which has a fixed concept of holding a service every week. In this service we sing, watch a sermon video, talk about it in small groups, pray and eat together. You will experience a strong, spiritual family for yourself here in the house church. A real home. There's no house church in your town yet? Then start one yourself - it's easy because we coach you and provide you with a ready-made concept with the video sermon!

How is GIVICI different from other churches?
  • The service takes place in the living room in a family setting.
  • The sermons are not boring or unworldly, but practical.
  • The sermons are not only listened to, but also discussed and implemented in everyday life.
  • GIVICI needs neither large buildings nor full-time pastors.
Why did we start GIVICI?

GIVICI does not want to wait until people come to the church, but GIVICI is a church that goes to the people and picks them up where they live!

What is the vision of GIVICI?

Matthew 28:19-20
Therefore go and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit and teaching them to keep all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you all the days unto the end of the world.

We dream, work and live for the following thing: Every person in the whole world should get to know Jesus through our video sermons and find a spiritual home in a house church in the place where he becomes strong in faith and a light for Jesus in this world. This means that in the future we will have video sermons in every language and establish at least one GIVICI House Church in every place in the world. A big vision - are you in?

What happens in a house church?
  • Greeting with a “Top-Flop-Round” (everyone shares how their last week was)
  • Singing/worship
  • Video sermon
  • Sharing about the video
  • Communion (as part of meal)
  • The Lord’s Prayer
  • Last Supper
  • Our Father

We want to plant churches all over the world to show each person a path to God, whether at home or in one of our GIVICI churches. Through our videos, we want to be a refueling station for your life and we want to show the whole world how wonderful it is to live with God. Join us!

7 Reasons why you should plant a GIVICI house church:

  • You grow in faith and in your personality
  • You get intensive training for your personality
  • You will get a strong, inspiring circle of friends who will be at your side in all situations.
  • Church is fun and at the same time no longer far away from your everyday life, but RIGHT IN THE MIDST OF IT!
  • You can invite all your friends, colleagues, and neighbors.
  • Your house becomes a place of worship.
  • You leave something in this world that will last forever.

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